If you have a need to make a certificate photo, and need to make and print it very quickly and easily, then I have developed a minimal certificate photo may meet your needs!

This is an application designed and developed by myself, aiming at the development of the majority of people with ID photo needs, the application does not need to manually login, all elements are integrated in a page, there is no need for various functions, the background is commonly used in three kinds, the size is commonly used in 5 kinds, (in fact, the most commonly used is only 2 kinds, 1 inch and 2 inch) generation only needs two steps, that is, to click two buttons.

1: Open the app and select (all clients supported) or take a photo (IOS and Android only)
2: One key to generate, one key to save.

After saving, there will be a 6-inch printable photo and a separate ID photo in the photo album. Those who have a printer at home can select the 6-inch photo in the photo album to print. The whole process will not exceed 3 minutes.

Here's a screenshot of the MacOS version applied (the theme will follow the system (black or white) on other platforms, and both Chinese and English are supported):

You only need to pay a small fee, you can help you quickly produce the ID photo you need, save you your time, this is the meaning of the existence of the minimalist ID photo! (It is recommended to choose the original photo with clear background color and character color. In addition, the server will not save the photo data, please be aware that)

Here's a screenshot of the payment app for MacOS:

The result is as follows:

MinID Photo Download:
macos(macos 11 BigSur+):https://cloud.lategege.com:9443/s/nRtq


android(android 6.0+): https://cloud.lategege.com:9443/s/l5i5


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